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Welcome to my Website and Everything you need to know about Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Lower Keys.Premier real estate will always be high in demand and its value will keep on rising. The Lower Florida Keys is a place that has piqued the interest real estate investors worldwide. for years, Making it one of the most desirable locations to own a property. What makes the area very attractive to potential buyers is the unique combination of tropical weather and living the island lifestyle. Therefore, It isn't surprising that prime real estate in the Florida Keys continues to increase in value with each passing year.

Luxury Lower Keys Homes for sale

Luxury Homes, in excess of 1 million dollars can be found in all the lower keys Islands. Typically homes in this price range will have larger square footage, bigger lots and if they are waterfront, better views, and deeper boating access. Deeper boating typically means a 4ft draft. That is what’s required for larger boats and sailboats. So neighborhoods, where you will find these types of watercraft, will often have the more expensive homes.

Luxury Lower Keys Condos, Condominiums, Townhouse for sale.

Marathon and Key West are where you will find the most Condos and Townhomes. These will have a large price range .range If a Condo lifestyle is what you are looking for please see my Links to Key West and Marathon Condos and Townhouse.

Lower Keys Vacant Land

There is still vacant land for sale, just waiting for you to build your new home in our subtropical climate of the lower Florida Keys!

Investing in the Lower Keys

Historically, real estate is the only investment option that can withstand the effects of inflation. Regardless of what happens to the real estate market, the value of a property will eventually increase. This has been seen throughout the years

Big Pine Key Homes for sale 

Big Pine, in particular, is one of the largest and most interesting Islands in the Keys. Big Pine, in particular, is one of the largest and most interesting Islands in the Keys.
Water depth affects prices, and some areas have about 15 inches and some have 3-4 feet. Obviously, this means you can have a certain kind of boat in some areas that won’t work in other areas. It depends what you’re looking for. The shallower areas have more direct and private access to a lot of the wilder and more pristine parts of the Island and adjacent backcountry. They may also (but not reliably) be less expensive.

Little Torch Homes for sale 

Little Torch Key is part of the lower chain of islands off the Sunshine State peninsula, stretching between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This is one of the most traveled destinations in the Florida Keys because of its many outdoor activities. Among the most popular are scuba diving and sports fishing, others include sailing, power boating, and is considered one of the top romantic retreat spots in the United States. Though there are few businesses in operation on this particular key, nearby islands offer plenty, making this a great real estate investment opportunity.

Because of its visitor popularity and with new, more stringent building codes in effect, along with logistics difficulties in the transport of building materials, residential real estate here maintains an excellent, stable value.

Ramrod Key Homes for sale 

Located in the Lower Keys, near Looe Key and also close to Duck Key, lies the sparsely populated, but a tourist-friendly island of Ramrod Key. Named for an early 19th-century ship which wrecked off the coast, this is a very popular spot because of its unspoiled beauty. There are few businesses on the island, but the waters surrounding it make it a great destination for boating, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and everything else in an aquatic adventure. Part of its popularity comes from the fact the island is more affordable for visitor accommodations as Duck Key is more expensive.

Summerland Key Homes for sale 

About twenty miles to the east of Key West lies Summerland Key, a bedroom community, home to the Brinton Environmental Center. On the island, there is also a marine research center and the majority of its residents commute to either Marathon or to Key West. Unlike some of the other smaller, more remote islands in the chain of the southern coast of the Florida peninsula, this key has more businesses, which are frequented by its locals.

However, this area is far from the typical suburban communities found in the northeast and midwest, featuring unspoiled scenery and an offering a low cost of living. Like most of the other islands, popular activities are found nearly exclusively outdoors, with incredible weather year-round. Popular outdoor recreational activities are boating, snorkeling, fishing, biking, kayaking, and sunrise and sunset watching.

Cudjle Key and Cudjoe Gardens Hoes for sale 

The island of Cudjoe Key lies between Sugarloaf Key and Big Pine Key, along with US Highway One; one-hundred, eleven miles southwest of Miami and nineteen miles north of Key West. Cudjoe Key is part of the islands in southwestern Florida known as the Lower Islands of the Florida Keys. The 2000 census shows that the population of Cudjoe Key barely tops 1,700 full-time residents. The island is famous for the relaxing vacation rental properties that line the beautiful stretches of Shoreline along the island.

Activities and attractions on Cudjoe Key have centered centers around the many water sports and boating opportunities. Rent a boat and glide through the waters off the coast or take advantage of the many charter fishing services located throughout the area. Snorkeling and diving trips are also extremely popular activities among tourists and locals alike. For those who want a taste of adventure, you can rent a kayak or canoe and paddle through the water channels winding through several outlying island areas.

Sugarloaf Key Homes for Sale 

Located in the Lower Keys near the southernmost point of the United States is Sugarloaf Key, an amalgamation of two islands, which are known as Upper Sugarloaf and Lower Sugar Loaf. It is home to two public schools, a fire department, an airport, and is the location of Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge. This is a more affluent area in the chain of island archipelago, and one that is relatively young, with a median resident age of 46 years old. The median household income on these two islands is $61,000, above the statewide median of $45,000.

Key West Homes, Condos, Condominiums and Townhouse for sale. 

Key West has a very vibrant real estate market and a tropical lifestyle that is quintessential of the islands of the coast of Florida. Located in Monroe County, it is one of the most populated keys in the island archipelago, with about 25,000 residents. The median household income in the area is $53,000, above the statewide median of $45,000, and the median age of its residents is young, about 42 years old.

Known for its wonderful weather, many of the residents choose to call this island home because of its tropical climate, which offers some of the best winters in the country, with overnight temperatures falling into the high to mid-sixties and daytime highs reaching up to the mid to high seventies. Spring and fall are spectacular, and summers are breezy and warm. With such opportunity, residents participate in outdoor activities almost every day of the year. Popular recreational pursuits are boating, fishing, snorkeling, sunbathing, sightseeing, and sunrise and sunset are memorizing events.

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